It's all about quality

The lighting products and services we supply are always of a guaranteed, high quality, and we are proud to set industry standards for design, material quality, workmanship and the ease of assembly of our products.

The bespoke products manufactured at Prešov all reflect these high standards. The facility is not only responsible for producing our standard products, but also for realizing the original ideas of our in-house creative team. For this we know we can be confident in the handcrafting skills of our own artisans.

Limited Line™

Exquisite. Limited. Desirable.

With a love for detail and fine craftsmanship, our manufacturing unit produces real gems of the most sophisticated designs – bright and unique three-dimensional items that evoke wonder and smiles in the beholder.


Bespoke. Unique. Original.

The popular two-dimensional light motifs with state-ofthe-art LED technology for house exteriors and street lamps, as hanging motifs or street banners. Handcrafted to your individual requirements, these motifs make each Christmas lighting motifs a one-of-a-kind feature.

QuickFix™ Collection

Simple. Universal. Festive.

Our small motifs can be combined fl exibly without the need for a supporting frame and harmonize perfectly with the QuickFix™ Outdoor product range. Ideal for festive motifs on trees, house fronts or complete buildings.

Organic Line™

Environmentally friendly. Recyclable. Beautiful.

Pretty and sustainable. Motifs made of organic materials consist of 100 percent biomaterials with a wood content of at least 40 percent. The polypropylene incorporated into the material is environmentally friendly and recycled at end of life. The motifs are resistant to environmental stresses, such as water, UV rays or fungi.


Timeless. Beautiful. Inspiring.

Decorated garlands, trees and wreaths in different colours, shapes and materials give your motifs a unique charm, even in daylight. Our green garlands
create a natural atmosphere and are popular classics in successful Christmas motifs.


Shining all around the World